"Sports programs promote social inclusion, have a positive impact on crime prevention, and instill leadership skills."

2nd Chance Sports was founded in the Spring 2012 by the three Sica brothers, Anthony, Dylan, and Matthew, and their Dad, Anthony Sica. While cleaning out their family garage, they came up with a great idea: give away all their used sporting equipment to children in need.

The Sicas are a sports oriented family and had a garage that is very similar to many families. The garage was cluttered with baseball, basketball, roller hockey, and football equipment that the boys had outgrown. Most of the items were in great condition and could still be used by other kids.

So the Sica family thought that instead of throwing out all the equipment, it made sense to give it all to kids who would use it. They have awareness and compassion for underprivileged children who cannot afford to play sports.

The Sica Family is committed to their community project which resulted in the formation of "2nd Chance Sports". Their mission is to improve the lives of children in disadvantaged areas in New York to create a healthier and safer environment through the power of sports and play. We have collected and distributed over 32,000 pieces of equipment in the past six years to areas in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City.